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    I am interested in checking out Wachita Creek after reading about a trip that was posted by George. It appears to be a short run, but I am more interested in the geology of the shut in. Is there a correlation with the St. Francis gauge that anyone can provide? Thanks.

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    There is no correlation but usually a good 2″ of rain makes Wachita and Brewer’s Creek runnable. Brewer’s Creek starts at Hanna Lake along route 221. Unfortunately there are now several houses at the put in making private property issues sketchy- a shame, as Brewer’s is actually a fun run- going mostly thru govt forest. The 2 sister creeks join very near to the shut-in put in off of highway M. The shut-ins is a class-III run, spilling into the Saint just above 72 pool. We quite often parked along the road and put in just above the shut-ins. Beautiful area, but then the 72 pool is 1 mile long (totally worth it to me). It is not far out of your way just to go and have a look.

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    Wachita makes a great start for a full upper and lower run. Last time I ran it, there was someone building a cabin next to the shut in. He didn’t say anything to me about passing through, but just be mindful of a land owner there.

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    Thank you Chuck. You have always come through whenever I have inquired about any oddities such as Greer Spring branch, Shannon County shut-ins and so on. You truly are a River Zen Master.
    And thanks to you George for the recent stream/land owner info. SYOTR

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