• Watch the gauge- boating tomorrow is guaranteed! Libertyville already has an inch of rain, and we are only half done with the storm!

  • The rain skipped Libertyville and mostly your area, but Farmington got a hit. Syenite might be coming up as I write this?

    I’m sure Big Boss CEO is going too sometime this aft/eve. She is sleeping from her night shift.

  • It will take a while, but Farmington got hit with rain. We got just under an inch. Watch the gauge.

  • Not only a bump, but a second higher bump as well! No idea where it came from, not a single area rain gauge shows activity. Did a dam burst somewhere?

    For what it’s worth we are getting a pretty good shower in Ironton right now.

  • Just a heads up. I think even the Roselle gauge is off now and reading too high. When I looked at 72 yesterday the water was being channeled into the riffle chute, giving me the impression it was hgher than it was. I think there’s a lot of grass causing this channeling effect, and a consequent back-up in the pool= higher reading. I would suspect…[Read more]

  • My graph is made up of data points taken over the years. There is some variation, and while I did not do a F-distribution to draw my curve, using median numbers seems to have worked well.

    0″ at Roselle is275 CFS.

    0″ at D bridge=about 320 CFS

    We left the river at 4:45, at 5 inches, and it was obviously coming up. May be a pulse- hope you are on…[Read more]

  • neg 4 is about  170cfs.  neg 8 is100 cfs.  My chart ends at neg 12 inches with 60 cfs.

    The day Tracey, Eric, Santo did it, and Di, Mason and Dad, was a wonderful play day! I love that level.

    VERY nice getting the rain gauge from Santo as Govt rain gauges have been down for months. The river will be coming up again and soon today. Looks like I’…[Read more]

  • Not sure why the message board reports water as “non-existent” and wonder what gauge it’s tied to. Yesterday it was 1″ plus and today it is neg. 1″. Still doable levels.

  • McChuck replied to the topic Sassafras Heads Up in the forum General Discussion 1 month ago

    Talked to state horticulturalist and she thinks they are drowning. Hmmmm seems odd, but this has been a very rainy spring.

  • McChuck started the topic Sassafras Heads Up in the forum General Discussion 1 month ago

    All the sassafras on my property is dying. This could be due to a disease called Laurel Wilt disease. It is caused by a fungus that is carried by a small invasive beetle from Asia. There is no cure or treatment and is 100% fatal. The last distribution map I saw showed it in Southern Ark. but it is moving North. It could have made a ‘jump’ to the…[Read more]

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    We have a bunch of equip we’d love to give you. Is advanced level. Tell us next time you are at the river or in the vicinity.

  • McChuck replied to the topic McChuck in the forum General Discussion 1 month, 1 week ago

    I don’t think anyone is doing the Saint at present. We were supposed to, but never did- instead I relied on my own observations- mussels, insects and all, and decided to monitor if I saw a problem. Finding large mussels in fisherman’s pool was the apex of my observations! We also put in a lot of time picking up trash and trimming the river of…[Read more]

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    Good map! Thanks Dagger Dan! Believe it or not, I have owned a helmet cam for quite some time. I found it at Cat’s Paw and it still worked. I just have never been much interested in using it. Just a few weeks ago I gave it to Scotty.

  • McChuck replied to the topic Rock Creek in the forum General Discussion 1 month, 1 week ago

    Rock Creek is well worth the time, a class 3 creek if you catch it at a good level. I put in on D highway, just opposite a dilapidated white house. It goes a little over a mile of just Cl-II+ boogey water along D until you get to a low water bridge. Here the creek leaves and for awhile you are in mostly forest. This section is Cl-III with a 8 f…[Read more]

  • I talked to Mr Wooten again. I’d bet that during the conversation he mentioned that he had been putting wire up for ages at least 6 times- same story- word for word. In this situation I am prone to believe they are protesting too much, and perhaps he is trying to convince himself as well as me.

    Anyway, the wire will still be up. But he agreed to…[Read more]

  • Johm- all I did was apologize. There was NO words spoken. We have had trouble there before, but I do think we have a right to exit the creek, move around the obstacle, and then re-enter, but someone, made that pretty near impossible. And again- why is it gone today?

    Kathy- You are 100% correct. BTW- thanks for you help and skill with the kids-…[Read more]

  • The event—– Di and her class did from our house to Low water bridg on Stout’s. It was my intention to pick them up at the MDC parking area if possible. It was not. The people at plain and fancy had placed a huge, 3 foot diameter log all the way across from bridge edge, to brushy woods. I guess to stop people from putting in there.  I only…[Read more]

  • Sarah, I haven’t done that section in a long time but I would expect there are plenty of features..

    The little saint is holding very well and should be pretty good tomorrow.

    Lower Stout’s will be low, but doable, I have done it at that level without getting out of boat. All reports are that the wire is Thegone. However, still keep an eye out as…[Read more]

  • Thanx Kathy but I am mostly worried about the clinic- we will have pretty high water by Saturday. As I probably won’t be there Sat morning here are some alternatives.

    Little Saint-Thompson Ford to Whitener Ford . 4 miles. Nothing more than cl-II. Easy shuttle.

    Little Saint to Highway E takeout on Saint. 9 miles but the current is Fast. Easy…[Read more]

  • BTW- we need wire reports for the clinin from anyone doing Stouts.

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