• Ran the trail for the last time until fall. The poison Ivy, stinging nettle and Cat’s Claw are unavoidable. You also have to do a lot of bobbing and weaving. The kicker is I removed 26 ticks from me (yes, I counted). On the yuck factor scale the trail is now 5 out of 5.

    So- Jin has been telling me that they will be improving the trail soon and…[Read more]

  • Watch the gauge. See you tomorrow!

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    This is almost 100% from Stout’s Creek (We’ve gotten 2′ of rain over last 3 days.)  Stout’s is low for boating but is adding enough to raise gauge at D.

  • We will probably be there around 11 am today. We plan a leisurely float with some sun-tanning action as well so we will be easily catchable and will help with shuttles at “D”. Di wants to do the trail, for one last time. It is starting to get very bushy and the poison ivy is encroaching.  Having “run” (run 2/3, walk 1/3)  it will be a walk for me…[Read more]

  • Oh no….hope Di doesn’t see this…..

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    Last post. At the Thursday night campfire there was some discussion about “Ironwood”. I had mentioned it as I’d often heard of locals discussing creekside trees very difficult to cut. Ironwood is a distinct Missouri species of tree and now that I know what it is I see it everywhere. It is certainly very present along Turkey Creek where many of us…[Read more]

  • Cody Maple and Di, finished clearing the logs (Di carried my chainsaw batteries and Cody did all the cutting)  in Boogie Alley on the middle Stout’s run. It is now totally open for business. (Thanks To Kyle Bales for getting it started). I thank you Kyle for bringing me home “that day” and helping me get my dry top off.

    Remember that Camp Penuel…[Read more]

  • Talked to “Dave” at Dayspring bible camp (just below Killarney Dam) and they are totally okay with us walking the dam on their property. The “no trespassing” was not meant for us. I also asked him about access and they are not opposed to that either. If we have a group they would like us to call first (1-573-518-7290) to 1. Let them know you are…[Read more]

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    Thought provoking…..the Zohar would say meeting a stranger is an opportunity.

    Current society would say that a camp full of kids is a responsibility.

  • I talked to the Lake Killarney people and the land past the dam is all owned by Day Spring Bible Camp. The signs are for people who would park at Killarney and then walk the trail, un invited, to their camp. So it looks like we are still okay portaging around the dam.

    I will talk to Dayspring just to make sure.

  • We went to a successful retrieval of my paddle. Di took several pictures of the wood which she will post on MWA facebook and hopefully on this board as well. The only worse I’ve ever seen on our creeks was the day we did Taum Sauk first descent.

    I am doing better having survived nights 0ne and two. Hoping to get strong enough to get a chainsaw…[Read more]

  • I figured you had LOL. You have done way too many waterfalls to make a mistake like that. You may have done us all a huge favor by showing it’s possible. I’ll talk to Killarney and Dayspring in the future.

    I have begged the club to make a $100 donation to Penuel yearly which would be good for all. But no dice.

    Congrats! Now PLEASE do Rocky Falls…[Read more]

  • Yeah! I saw the film. Did he really check depth AFTER he went over?  LOL

    George- Di and I have lake privileges from Penuel as we make yearly donations. Not sure if that applies to the dam or not. In the past Day Spring Bible Camp has been friendly. I may go to them and see if I can make a donation.

    While I’m not sure how lucky Terry was- t…[Read more]

  • When Di and I got to the dam, and shouldered our boats to go around it, there were 2 new ‘No Trespassing’ signs on either side of the trail. I get the distinct impression it was meant for us (boaters) as how would any other ‘trespassers’ get there?

    It was cloudy/drizzly and working hours so no one came running up to stop us- but I thought I’d let…[Read more]

  • We are doing the marathon today from behind our house, down Stout’s, and ending at D. Post if you are interested.

  • From what I am seeing at Farmington and here, we are most definitely going over the bridge!


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    Unless temperature, wind, overcast, and my body improves, I will not be making a run today. Have fun!

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    Thanks Freddie! Wow!

    Bill makes a lot of good points. I would be the first to point out that in the “olden days” when the river was 0″ or below, we cancelled. It was the responsibility of the racers to call a number and check on status before they travelled. This worked everytime but once, and we had good water the next weekend (as would have…[Read more]

  • McChuck replied to the topic Downriver Results? in the forum General Discussion 2 months ago

    Thanks Chris, Terry and Raymond for the input. I too am totally ignorant of liability issues, but I am not of basic safety. The Upper has plenty of technicality to it to qualify as a downriver race- and it channels better in low water, with the most rocks to deal with being the very last riffle before fisherman’s. Di and I would have marked the…[Read more]

  • I hope this doesn’t post twice- but for some reason my post didn’t appear.

    Blame me.

    I was one of the first to discover that the flood had changed Cat’s Paw straight route launch rock when I was doing a wave wheel, fell into the newly created slot and broke 3 ribs.

    I brought it to the attention of the high sheriffs. We all discussed it, and…[Read more]

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