St. Francis “The Saint”

Missouri’s premier whitewater destination, the St. Francis River, boasts two distinct sections. The Upper section, rated Class I-II, begins at the Roselle put-in and concludes at Millstream Gardens. The Lower section, rated Class II-III, starts at Millstream Gardens and ends at Silvermines Campground.

If the river is flowing (indicated by the Roselle gauge reading 3 feet or higher) , you can head to the parking lot near the old D bridge at 10am, where you’ll likely find fellow paddlers shuttling up. If you happen to need to run your own shuttle, there’s a moderate hike back to Millstream Gardens.

The whitewater features on this river is entirely rain dependent, with a primary season between the months of February and May.

Lower St. Francis on American Whitewater | Roselle River Gauge by USACE | Roselle River Gauge by NOAA

Whitewater Creeks

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