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    Not sure why the message board reports water as “non-existent” and wonder what gauge it’s tied to. Yesterday it was 1″ plus and today it is neg. 1″. Still doable levels.

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    Calling for 3 inches of rain Thursday-friday.  I’ll wait for more doable.

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    I agree with Chuck. If the NWS shows 75 cfs it’s runnable. I don’t recall what that would be at D bridge before they trenched for that blue pex conduit.

    Chuck what is minimum cfs? I ran it at -4 at D bridge once and paddled under the dam.



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    My Syenite rain gauge shows we received  1.3” rain last night. It was a heavy downpour and see a slight bump on NWS so I’m boating today possibly noon

    Btw Eric, Tracy, myself and others boated at 1.5” D Monday and played hard for hours.

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    Tracey Roush

    Thanks Chuck for the update!  1.5 inches was a HOOT!  Santo, Eric and I had a fabulous day on the river on Monday!  We had surfing waves, side surfing waves and lots of fun eddies to catch all over the river!  Little drop made us all dizzy from spinning so much!  Santo, text Eric!  I told him that I saw red, green and yellow blobs over Iron, Farmington and Fredericktown around 7:00 last night! I may drive back and forth the rest of the week!

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    neg 4 is about  170cfs.  neg 8 is100 cfs.  My chart ends at neg 12 inches with 60 cfs.

    The day Tracey, Eric, Santo did it, and Di, Mason and Dad, was a wonderful play day! I love that level.

    VERY nice getting the rain gauge from Santo as Govt rain gauges have been down for months. The river will be coming up again and soon today. Looks like I’m the river widower again! LOL

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    Santo, Chuck -thanks for posting info here

    I will try to meet you at noon

    call and leave message(no text) if the time line changes


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    Noon was a guess. Text me if you are sure you are paddling. 2 pm prob is more likely now.

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    Chuck what does your chart show for CFS at O?

    NWS right now shows almost .1 CFS I’m assuming that’s 100 CFS and accurate.

    Can you post that chart? I remember looking at a few sheets of paper stapled  together driving thru Tenn. trying to decide what was running. Wasn’t it called the MWA river runner?

    Does anyone remember calling gauges at a pay phone and listening to a recording of someone with a thick southern accent reading gauge numbers?

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    re: rain gages:  Chuck sez: “Govt rain gauges have been down for months”

    not sure what gauges you’re looking at, but these are still here & generally working:

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    And here is a slightly less “busy” version of jw’s second link above…

    Exact same data, just displayed in cumulative rather than incremental format.

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    Is anyone free to boat tonight? Jerry? I left a message on your phone.

    The level is now 13” and rising fast.

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    My graph is made up of data points taken over the years. There is some variation, and while I did not do a F-distribution to draw my curve, using median numbers seems to have worked well.

    0″ at Roselle is275 CFS.

    0″ at D bridge=about 320 CFS

    We left the river at 4:45, at 5 inches, and it was obviously coming up. May be a pulse- hope you are on the river right now!

    Don, your graph is the exact same one I’ve been using for years. My address must have gotten corrupted- thanx. I also saved one of Jim’s.

    I remembered when before the gauge they called our house.

    I remember Kent Pointer calling us at 4 am and Linda saying “Kent, is that you you SOB?” and Kent saying “No, this is some other boater”.

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