• crazyjerry replied to the topic jeff clawes? in the forum General Discussion 1 week, 1 day ago

    hey Jeff,

    how long is the overflow? will it fit in my van?

    I will be in St Louis (Monsanto complex) Saturday morning 10-12, then I will be in the Gravois Bluffs area for about an hour, then I will be headed to the river in the afternoon. If you boat early, you could leave boat at camp and i’ll get it later.

    if you are not going to the river…[Read more]

  • crazyjerry replied to the topic jeff clawes? in the forum General Discussion 1 week, 2 days ago

    hey Jeff,

    good to hear about the boat. I can get a set of air bags out of the other boat.

    I have a meeting most of Saturday 4/13- I should be there Sunday

    next weekend is Easter – unsure plans?

    if I can’t meet you, you could leave it with campground Jim, and I can get it during the week


    crazy jerry


  • hello all;

    trying to contact jeff clawges

    one of my new boaters fit into my boat, but he was super tight, if you could get the overflow that we were talking about down to the clinic for him to try would be great. -post here or call me and leave message fiveseven3 fiveoneseven 2583

    I hope that your paddle shows up –sooner rather than later-…[Read more]

  • If it is not too big, I could boat Friday 4/5/2019

    I have to do a roof repair first, so an afternoon run would be in order.

    if it’s over the bridge, i’ll have to run something else-hopefully someone would call or post about creek runs

    crazy jerry


  • Well, I did not recognize the handle the posted above, so I figured that I would show up and as long as the original poster was not in a wally-world boat, I could boat with them. The poster is a known, well liked boater.

    I was very surprised that there were about 10 other boaters at D-bridge for a day on the river. Lots of weekday slackers.

    I wi…[Read more]

  • Dan Prater

    I would like to join group,

    please call me and let me know how to connect with you guys


    crazy jerry

  • anyone boating today?

    I am wanting to boat today,

    I am fairly flexible with time- but have bee work to do-I don’t want to hang out all day at D if nobody is coming

    post here soon, or call and leave message five seven three 517 2 five eight three

    crazy jerry

  • The sales table has agreed to sell the Millstream honey again during the races.

    A portion of  proceeds of honey sales at the races will be donated to support the swiftwater rescue training.

    thank you,

    crazy jerry

  • crazyjerry replied to the topic Thursday friday in the forum General Discussion 1 month ago

    joe s. told me that race setup crews are trying to set gates Thursday morning instead of Friday morning

    we could use all the help we can get

  • in years past, group site was reserved for race judges.

    I was told there was a rumor that race volunteers/safety boaters would be using it this year?

    can someone clarify?

    (I might take firewood over for the volunteers)


    crazy jerry

  • tomorrow is going to be a great day

    meeting at D- 10 ish


    God bless,

    crazy jerry


  • i’ll see you there


    if it is still super cold, i’ll see you on the second lap 🙁

  • MDC seeded and spread straw. at todays level, it was still more than 20 foot of open dirt (future mud). Hollywood beach was a good option (started with flatwater warm-up)

    downriver is in 2 weeks-some boaters (not me) are doing very serious training-racers bring your A-game

    level was neg 1-

    campground Jim an Doris have opened up the…[Read more]

  • I had sent an email to Becky Fletcher, area manager for Millstream gardens, as follows:


    Good morning,

    This past weekend, I was able to go kayaking, and was surprised to see that the whole put-in area had been leveled out.

    Can you explain why?

    As it is, it looks like the first big rain will wash all of the soil away.

    A few days of the river…[Read more]

  • thank you for the advice and links. I will be trying this, wish me luck.

  • I have to put some wrist gaskets in my back-up dry suit. (not enough time to ship off and get back)

    I received word that my main drysuit will not be back soon and I am slightly desperate for dry gear.

    does anyone have advice, tips, techniques to give?

    maybe a website with instructions?

    I know some of you have done this many times, any and all…[Read more]

  • Thank you Slim for the response.

    Mary had taken the kayak tickets into work on Friday, and immediately was asked about where the canoe tickets were.

    She will continue to sell kayak tickets.

    We are also thankful for the support that the Eades family has given towards making the kayak raffle possible.

    As for volunteers, every group I have been…[Read more]

  • Thanks JW

    I have looked around this site for the above flyer, I couldn’t find it. Had it been previously posted on this site?


  • As a large quantity ticket seller, my wife thinks that the MWA is making a HUGE mistake by not having a canoe of some sort to raffle this year. She has sold lots of canoe tickets over the years, and some of the ticket buyers have -0- interest in buying a kayak raffle ticket. If the club could not get a canoe donated, could they have bought one at…[Read more]

  • what exactly are the choices for the kayak raffle this year?

    can someone post styles, sizes, uses, etc.?  or provide a link that gives details?

    Mary sells lots of tickets, and everyone wants to know what they can get besides whitewater?

    neither me nor my wife have smart phones to look things up when I’m away from the office, but she could give…[Read more]

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