• I had to work today, all work for tomorrow is in the morning, I need to bounce a boat off wet rocks-

    post here early, or call me and leave message-NO TEXTS= five seven three 5 one seven 25eight three

    fairly flexible after lunch

    crazy jerry

  • I have to go over and pick up a mower that might work and I want to make a quick run if possible.

    I should be around D at 12;30-1 pm

    call and leave message- no texts- 573five one seven two 583

    leaving office now- can’t access web till I get home

    crazy jerry

    ps My wife says that you people owe her for the water this weekend, and 2 weeks ago…[Read more]

  • I vote for April 27-28

    reason; Easter is April 21, that means that Palm Sunday is the 14th. Since some of the clinic classes do not get off of the river until suppertime on Saturday, and most groups meet up early on Sunday, a lot of folks that would like to attend a church of their choice would not be able to attend.

    ( I usually boat with my…[Read more]

  • since I don’t have time in my life for Facebook, could someone please put this on the MWA Facebook page???


    crazy jerry

  • I talked to Becky with the Forestry Service

    She was putting on an info gathering event for Crane Pond Lake. They are trying to get public input on what can and should be done; with what people like, want, don’t like, should be improved, what needs replaced because of theft or vandalized, etc. There is a big meeting to get public input on…[Read more]

  • We have water for the clinic!!!

    I feel sorry for the teaching programs that are going on this weekend-“0” Friday -“10 feet over bridge” Saturday

    Please be safe out there!!!

  • George, I can do a quick run at that time. call, five seven three 517 2five eight three-leave message (no texts) I have limited phone service in area, but I will try to check at lunch or close to 3;30 leaving office now, I won’t have I-net till later this evening

  • I will be working in the river area today, and will have a kayak with me. If you are boating, call and leave message (NO TEXTS) – I can meet this afternoon to kayak.

    crazy jerry

  • Happy Easter,

    I did the family thing today (Saturday) so I might be able to kayak on Easter Sunday.

    if interested, post here early, I have NO internet access after I leave the office

    crazy jerry

  • I will be in the area this weekend without my wife.

    I will be boating, hiking, producing firewood, etc.

    Come out and enjoy a non-race weekend (no training, no set up, no competition)

    call me (573 five one seven 2583) to buy honey, arrange shuttle, visit quiet side of Millstream, etc.

    NO computer access after leaving office

    crazy jerry

  • great news for me. the large tee shirt is to be a gift
    please let me know when you will be boating again.
    I will be at the river this weekend.
    if we don’t meet up beforehand, we can exchange at clinic.

  • crazyjerry started the topic good races! in the forum General Discussion 5 months ago

    Many thanks to the race committee, course designer, safety team, all volunteers, and others for putting on another good year of races.

    Questions? when I mailed in my race application, I ordered an extra tee shirt. It was supposed to be a large, and I received a medium. Are there any large shirts left? Can I make an exchange? whom do I…[Read more]

  • crazyjerry replied to the topic Millstream Honey in the forum General Discussion 5 months ago

    Thanks to the sales table for displaying the honey for me. Thanks to all who purchased honey. Thanks to the MWA for helping me-I wish I could have sold more, I could have donated more. I will normally have small amounts with me when I am in the river area.

    Thanks again, crazy jerry

  • crazyjerry replied to the topic Millstream Honey in the forum General Discussion 5 months ago

    Definitely price fixing- at least this week. You produced a lot more honey than I did with a lot less effort.

    Besides, don’t you already have a long list of repeat customers? I am just starting, I want to get to your production levels, and get my own long list of repeat customers.

    I have had lots of questions, but with no water, I have not had a…[Read more]

  • A couple of years ago, I expressed an interest in bees.

    With the encouragement of fellow kayaker and beekeeper-Michael Dee, and his advice:

    #1 join local beekeeping clubs, attend meetings, get to know people, ask questions

    #2 buy a commercial made hive to start- then you can duplicate parts to make more

    #3 learn, read, learn, study, r…[Read more]

  • Today is a very good day for me to be alive.

    God loves me, and I will celebrate by being outside.

    I will be at D- bridge just before 11 am

    All are welcome to join.

    crazy jerry

  • I was in the area yesterday (Sunday 1/21/2018) and the water under the low water bridge was unfrozen. Still lots of ice and snow in the always dark areas of the river gorge. All ground in the area was soggy from thawing. This was before the rain. The gage was at neg 14. That doesn’t seem like much, but the last few times I have seen it with…[Read more]

  • Dave said-

    “If not I would recommend March 24-25 since this will be the first full weekend after the start of daylight savings time”

    I don’t know about your calendar, but all of my calendars state that daylight savings time begins on March 11, 2018.

    I thought that long time tradition was always 3rd weekend of March???

    I’m not on race…[Read more]

  • as of Friday afternoon, 12/22/2017 all gates to the take out were still locked

  • Nice John!
    My wife said you could give her that for Christmas.
    If it ever starts to rain, I hope your new ride finds its way down to the Saint much more than baby1 did.
    crazy jerry

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