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    Watch the gauge! It’s going to happen.

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    how long will it take to riser?

    when is anyone going to be there?

    I will be in the area most of afternoon, and will have Millstream honey with me. Makes great Christmas gifts. I always have the 2 small sizes with me, but if a person wants a 2 or 3 #- call me or post here soon. five seven three 517 two five 8 three

    while waiting for the water to come up, a person could put in at millstream, paddle down to the first ledge on river right- it is tagged. take out (make sure your boat is far enough out of the river) and follow trail to bottom of cats paw and watch the river come up. take a camera= the view is great! the trail is in good shape. you might want to take a pair hiking shoes (save the river booties for the river)


    crazy jerry

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    It is very difficult to gauge “when”. The Little Saint is so high that it is washing out some of my predictors.

    Stout’s is running dinkable and added to what I “think” is happening at Roselle,  we could have a very low, yet dinkable Saint right now. Jerry, if you are going, please get a visual at “D” bridge.  Not sure Stout’s has even reached there or not, and of course, it will not show at Roselle.

    Di and I are going to take a chance around noon.

    Having just been ambushed by Lyme again, I will have to be the shuttlecock for the McHenry Shuttle Service.

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