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      This weekend is going to be super. The river will be up. Sunny Saturday with a high of 60. Partly sunny Sunday with a high close to 70. The water is ice-melt cold however. I use the 100 degree rule- add water temperature and air temp and if it’s below 100 degrees, seriously consider a dry suit.

      Also the buzzards (female) arrived yesterday. Hundreds of them flying and circling in the air. A huge flock.

      Beavers are munching on trees at MS. I wonder if there’s any way we can induce them to eat trees on river right?

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      Chuck, love the forecast.

      “report from the saint” did not include actual level, or indication that the Roselle gage is correct (or close)?

      I hiked in river right last week, heard the beavers working just upstream of Hollywood beach again.

      syotr, crazy jerry

      ps. my hated of cold means that I will be in a dry suit at a # much higher than the 100 that you mentioned

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      Yeah- number wise I’m more apt to go with 90 degrees just because I don’t like drysuits- but today at 20 inches, I knew I’d be in the water a lot so I wore one (32degrees + 45 degrees= 77 degrees.)

      BTW the gauge and Roselle are matching 100 % right now- why I do not know- but there was a big log up at roselle and it may be gone now.

      There is also still a LOT of snow in the mountains. That should really slow down the river drop.

      Early run for me tomorrow-

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