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    While I did not see the gauge at D bridge, I  would say the level today was -3″ by my entrance rocks gauges. The water itself must be several degrees above 32 F  because I broke off some huge ice sheets and they pretty much melted away before they got to the end of their pools. The river is open and I suspect it will remain so for tomorrow.

    Di and I are planning on going, probably HOD.

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    Matt may not come Ill be there still HOD

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    change in plans Matt coming do 2 runs meeting Millstream at 10am anyone else interested ?

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    the level at D was -3 at 1 pm, temp was 32 deg.

    I had to break the ice shelf off to see the gauges.

    road to D bridge has snow pack from traffic, it is glazing from the freeze -thaw cycles

    I did not check at millstream, but the back side road above mud creek would have been iffy in a 2 wheel truck

    be safe out there

    crazy jerry

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    It was very cold last night. I would worry a slight bit about pools being iced over- but I’d bet they aren’t.

    I’m looking at HOD at noon for a predicted balmy 38 deg.

    The N-S pools are definitely still frozen over (72).

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