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    Happy new year 2019

    what are people boating today?

    what time are people meeting today?

    is anyone running something besides Millstream down?

    is Middle Stouts runnable? (short run- less time in the cold)

    please post here or call me -thanks

    crazy jerry


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    Be careful of the wire on Stout’s Creek just below dayspring bible camp. I believe it is still there. Di and I are going to be about around noon.

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    New years day boating was awesome!!!

    Many thanks to the group for taking me down thru Millstream at good water.

    Many thanks to a different group for taking care of my vehicle while I was on river.

    One of our group made a lap while waiting- 25 minutes Millstream to D-bridge in a short playboat.

    Great start to the year 2019

    crazy jerry

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    Jerry- Sofia, my granddaughter gets credit for closing up your car.

    For me this was especially a great start to a new year. I did the upper solo and played everything, even the big air boof at man behind the door, and all the 360 holes. At MS Di went with the group, and I took the grandkids to silvermines where we practiced rock climbing, and then I had the pleasure of drinking a beer with a GREAT bunch of guys.

    Happy New Year.

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