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    hello all;

    the gage at Roselle; (with the d-bridge conversion at the top of this page)

    does not seem to be updating since the storms started earlier.

    these other gauges have been updating;,63160,00060

    to anyone not leaving MO this weekend, WE WILL HAVE WATER


    crazy jerry

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    Tracey and I are still in the area and do plan to boat this holiday weekend. All of the Saint watershed gages show that lots of rain hit. Not sure what’s going on with the Roselle gage but I doubt that it’s correct.

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    the roselle gage has not moved since 10;30

    the cumulative precip gage at roselle quit working at the same time

    lots of lightning at that time. -maybe electrical error?

    look at the other gages in my first post

    possible 4 day weekend, and no roselle gage!!!

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    John Tansil

    I’ll let the USACE guy know.  May take a few days to get it fixed.

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    Oh I see- the gauge stopped at noon.

    Stout’s was pumping this afternoon so the river should definitely be up.

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    It’s definitely up. How high? Absolutely no clue. I passed over the Saint on 67 and then again on my way to run Marble Creek and could easily tell it was running good. Some of the campers pitchin’ on the Saint down on E hwy looked like they were debating on packing up.

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    When me and Cody got there this afternoon it was 4 inches 2 hours later it was about 40 inches and still rising so no telling what it will get to and that was around 3

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    For those of use who travel a long distance to paddle would love it if viual reports from D bridge. Would be posted.  I do plan to come down this weekend for a couple of days. Water level may decide what days I go. Sat/Sun or Sun/Mon. Prefer Sun/Mon. Trying to avoid rain while camping.

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    lots of rain

    if you know the general area of roselle, it appear that they got 3+ inches in the last 24 hours

    should be epic water for a week???

    check gages I posted in first message to get a general idea of what the water is doing

    crazy jerry

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    I just got a text from Doris. Jim is closing the gate to D bridge parking area and she estimates 5-6 feet over the bridge. Too high for me. Kathy. Maybe Monday

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    9:30 am castor river aproxx. 6″     -2:15 pm-   3 1/2 ft on gage

    visual d-bridge (10am)  3+ ft over bridge (did not check on way home

    moving up to middle stouts just over 5′ when we arrived,- almost 6′ 30 minutes later,

    then seemed to hold steady till we went upstream -lots of water there!

    we went on up to upper stouts, the run out below the damn had many logs at water level- looked very nasty

    scouted above the damn, saw lots of lines, but I had to leave and come home so I can be there this weekend

    thank you to all boaters that left town so the river would come up

    jerry (not so crazy today, I didn’t boat so I live to boat tomorrow)


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    Just in case nobody noticed, Roselle gage just came back online.

    If you did not get to boat because there was no gage, you missed a great weekend

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