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      jeff clawges
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      More conservation stuff!!! Alright we are just 3 weeks or so from the cleanup and I wanted to give everyone an update.
      I scouted the Saint not too long ago and found a little trash in a lot of areas. I’m going to list the areas, supplies we’ll need and general logistics.
      Starting at Roselle. We will need a few people up here mainly to pick trash from the woods. Depending on water level we can paddle up stream in a canoe (ST is bringing a couple) you are responsible for cold weather gear and pfd.
      At Millstream/Fisherman’s again mostly litter along the stream and to trail. There may be a tire or two left upstream of the put in. I’ll have some tools if we need them.
      On water brigade from Roselle to MS. Water and weather permitting this is where we should find the most big trash. So if you have a raft or shredder you can do some good here.
      At Silver mines we are meeting the Forest service there to do trail maintenance and leaf blowing. FS is going to bring tools and onsite guidance. We have a group from Americorps and ST’s United signed up to help with that but we can always use more. If you want to work this site go directly to SM and not to Millstream in the morning.
      Last but not least is Thompson Ford. Here we’ll find some tires on the water. Waders, muck boots, wetsuit will be helpful. If the water cooperates I’d like to take a canoe downstream and back to see what we can get. At low water it’s mostly small pools. (This is where we did our water quality monitoring demonstration) VERY IMPORTANT. DO NOT GO UPSTREAM OF THE BRIDGE. HOSTILE LANDOWNER.
      I should be at MS by 8 on Saturday to get set up. (Don’t forget to tell me what size T-shirt you need) Last year we had doughnuts and hot chocolate in the morning and we’ll do that again. Bring your own cup if you can. We’ll have some sort of lunch for you after. (Last year JoJo @brought the best vegetarian chili)
      I think that covers most everything. We are getting help this year from Stream teams United, the MDC and the USFS we have a group of Americorps volunteers coming down the hardcore MWA crew (no tire too big, no culvert too long) and anyone else who shows up! Yea!!
      Can’t wait to see everyone there!

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      Are you saying that paddling above Thompson Ford is not recommended?

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        jeff clawges
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        Yes. Please stay downstream of the bridge.

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      Hello Jeff,
      I will be at this MS clean-up.
      How did you find out about a ‘river troll’?
      Do you have an un-cool story about the ‘hostile landowner’?
      examples; shotguns, fencing, yelling, calling the law, run over by jon-boat, etc.???
      let us know please.

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      jeff clawges
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      Hi Jerry! Thanks for coming to the clean up. Kyle told me about him first, also one of the other landowners down there I was talking to brought it up. I’m not going to test it. 🙂 – SYOTR!

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      I am planning to bring my raft assuming the river is between 0″ and bridge level at D. I spotted a large tire near where we removed the culvert. So I was thinking of going between roselle and millstream( possibly down to D if time allows). I am hoping to start in the morning so that we could arrive at millstream in time to have help getting the large tire up to the parking lot. My guess is that it might take about 7 people to get the tire on Dan and my rafts and down the river. There is other junk to be picked up as well. Is any one else interested in joining the effort from roselle down?

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      jeff clawges
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      Thanks Steve, I’ll be there at 8 to set up. There are a couple of people with shredders that I think are coming. With rain the next couple of days I think the river will be higher than last year. (I may try to boat Friday) I’ll post something on facebook and we’ll get you crew What time are you thinking of getting there? – Thanks!

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