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      bob Kellogg
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      Just checking to see if anyone is hitting the water today???


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      Please be careful. I was in the area yesterday, side roads are in bad shape. I did not drive into D bridge parking lot. There were a few tracks, but it looked very slick. The river that I could see from the Hwy bridge was frozen over from the low water bridge down to the big bridge, with just a small open water area downstream of the big bridge. Eagles were cool though. Jim has closed riverside campground (I don’t know how long- he likes boaters, so he might open again this weekend) Even with warm weather, everything on the shady side of the river will have ice for a while. The Ted Nugent cliff on Hwy 72 has a really nice looking (???) ice wall. School is finally open in Fredericktown today, but busses on main roads only. If you go, have fun.

      Crazy jerry

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      Don’t. It is 90% frozen over. MS is graded only to the first turn off.

      4 wheel drive= two wheel drive on ice.

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      Freddie Carter
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      Well, yeah ! I’ll be paddlin from Los Quemados down to el Arroyo en La Peña ! About 17 kilometers. Shuttle driver will be here in 15 minutes. Level is perfect, and it will be 86o. Oh, were you talking about the Saint Francis in Arctic Amerika ?

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