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      It’s morning on the Eleven Point River. Our boat is gliding lazily in the gentle breeze. Trout are rising in the shadowed eddies. Kingfishers are chattering. The air is crisp and pure. Faint traces of the evening fog still linger in spots.
      Then a noise, louder, and louder, and suddenly around the corner comes a jet boat, screaming, moving fast, followed by another and another, conversation is reduced to yelling. The air smells of oil and gasoline fumes. Waves come at you from every direction……
      What about “Wild and Scenic” includes jet boats?
      Can’t we have just 2 or 3 scenic wilderness rivers with NO JET BOATS?

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      I hear ya Chuck. We did the 11 point in Aug and had some fly by us and the reason my daughter and I did Jacks Fork this weekend instead of Current. Quite annoying. I had never went down Jacks Fork, it was a nice paddle. Lots of people but no gas boats.

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