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    and it rains in July.
    I’ll be at the Saint around 1pm.
    Cody? Adam? You are welcome.
    If no one at D I’ll run the trail.

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    Freddie Carter

    Chuck, have you ever seen such a summer ?? I am so jealous ….. We have plenty of water here, but The Saint ! Our home run, going into mid July ! Hog Heaven !! Have you seen any locals in inappropriate water craft ?

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    John Tansil

    In honor of Freddie
    I will paddle on Thursday.

    See you at 1 at D.

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    In honor of Freddie, I’ll paddle Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  🙂

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      Ryan Muff

      Anybody up for tomorrow AM? I’m 3 hrs away, but would love to get out. As early as possible with hopes of 2 runs would be ideal!

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    Freddie Carter

    Thanx Boyz ! As you can imagine, I really miss the paddle scene at the Saint ! It really is the best of all the many places I have paddled. That sounds like a “Homer” statement, but you Veterans know it to be sooo true ! Have a great Big Water weekend !! IN JULY ….. Freddie

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    Curtis Elwood

    Will be there around 12:45

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