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      Upper stouts was huge today- definitely in the cl-IV maybe even add a plus. The important things are: as always, the rapid “Bad Ess” had a serious keeper hole. Also triple option- the rapid just above the Dam pool- has wood in the right slot (the one we normally run). The middle slot is fine but requires some precision to avoid trees.
      We had some trouble on Middle Stout’s as well as the holes get deep and grabby= one swim.
      The lower is as open as I’ve ever seen it- but don’t forget “second helping” which is the hole (very deep today) just downriver from 5 boat hole- which was just scary today!
      The saint was a great run today 4.5 feet over the bridge at 11 am, and 4.5 feet over the bridge when we left at 5:30. It rained heavily thru the day. Tomorrow?
      I can only guess.
      Jerry, John, Di and I.

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