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    Does anyone have any experience with the Werner Desperado paddle? It gets good reviews for the price. I think I may get it next paycheck unless someone tells me otherwise.

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    Sheldon Dale

    I have an old Desperado that I keep for a backup, but I switched to the Powerhouse. To me the Powerhouse just seems to have better “purchase” on the water than the Desperado, especially when rolling. I assume it’s because the Powerhouse has a stiffer blade. I’ve heard other people say they don’t think there is much difference between the two, but if I had to buy a new paddle, I’d hold out for one with a fiberglass blade (like the Powerhouse.)

    I don’t have any experience with the more expensive foam core paddles, but I know a lot of good paddlers like them.

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    Well I appreciate your input and replying but you’re a day late unfortunately. I ordered one yesterday since I sold my other boat. Got it for $143 from austinkayak. I realize its not the best but a huge step from what I had.

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    Shawn Rackley

    my girlfriend and i both have a desperado paddle. i have been using mine for several months. for the price you cant beat it. i think u will be pleased

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    Cool good to hear. I got to use mine in a pool rolling last week and it helped my roll big time. I can now do a left and right handed roll

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    Hey Dan,

    It is good to have a roll on both sides

    You are lucky that you were able to roll practice in a pool.

    Can I ask where?

    Is it a pool that would be open to others?

    I am jealous, I would love to have a warm pool to practice in.

    Currently, my roll practice is called rolling out of bed and landing on my feet,

    (as apposed to going “thud” or landing on my head)

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    JohnT and I, plus a few others have been goin to the Semo aquatic center the last 3 weeks. Its wonderfully warm. Hes the leader so I guess ask him?

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    I rock the Desperado; The first, and only paddle I have used since getting into boating. Slapped some airbrush on it for some bright color and the damn thing just keeps coming back for more…

    I have yet to find it in me to pay the asking price for the nicer carbon / fiberglass blades on an item that is likely to be lost at some point. (especially with my habitual ritualistic swimming routine)

    It’ll treat you well!

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    Man thats good to hear Chris. I cant wait to try it out down the Saint hopefully next week.

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    So far so good with this paddle. I’ve been down the river 3 times now and I love it. I don’t have experience with other paddles but I’d say its def worth the money.

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