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        what’s up with the new format?
        why does it say “log-in site poses rick” ???
        is it a scam?
        this administration has my email-
        why asking again?

        also, for us middle-aged, semi-blind people, this is hard to read?

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        Casara Heaton

          Hey Jerry!

          We had a string of mandatory updates needed for event registration to work and it has been a whirlwind to get it all done so we can launch race/clinic/WFA/L4 certifications and more for the spring season

          I would love to know what notifications you saw that would send any thoughts of mistrust/spam as that is the exact reason we do updates periodically – the latest in software is the most secure. Please explain so I can address it.

          And lastly, I can see that parts of the forum now have a smaller text size – not something I did purposely, simply part of the heartaches of updates – I can address this easily.

          Please send me any thoughts on how I can do better.

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            you are doing wonderful.
            thank you for keeping this board alive for the few of us dinosaurs that still use it.

            I have not been able to replicate what happened before.
            logged out, I would click any title, page would show up, then a warning about ‘log-in site posed risk’
            once logged in, the ?pop-up? still appeared when clicking titles.
            this did not happen at all today, logged in or out
            I suffer -CRS- but I thought club name was in notice, may have came from ‘jetpack’?
            i’m using windows 10 from a desktop with (up-to-date- paid type) web security
            glitch in system? not showing up again? no notices from my computer security?

            sorry to have bothered you, thanks again for this board

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            Hey, Casara, thanks for doing to updates to the website. I am glad we cna keep it up. I am not a FB fan so this is a great tool for us.


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            Casara Heaton

              Thanks Jerry for letting me know!
              If it shows up again take a screenshot if possible.

              I have tweaked a setting in jetpack which I think caused your issue.

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