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    Will be in Missouri, with the greatest duration being very close to Cape Girardeau. August 21st, 1 year from now. Let’s have a party at JohnT’s house. (oops, maybe we better ask him first).

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    I hear Perryville Chamber of Commerce is planning an Eclipse event at the Perryville Airport in the Mississippi river bottoms.  It may be pretty crowded with school kids.

    Here’s a couple interesting links:

    FACEBOOK PAGE:  @solareclipseperryco

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    This site is great for planning your location for viewing the event. I plan to have several locations in my bag for best possible chance of clear skies. Depending on the latest 3 day forecast I will travel to the best one to set up. This is truly an astronomical display you do not want to miss. Folks from all over the world will be in the mid US to see this. Statistically Wyoming has the best chance for clear skies on August 21. Road trip ?

    Clear skies,

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    Alan Peterson

    I intend to show up on the courthouse steps in Cape Girardeau with a goat, a sacrificial knife, a big brass pot, and a sign that says, “If you want to see the sun again, put all you cash in the pot.”

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