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    Cheers to all, God is great, Life is awesome

    God bless us all. I am going to the river to celebrate life today, all are welcome to join.

    Among other things, today is 20 years in business for my company. Many thanks to the members that have hired me in the past.

    As a great gift, my wonderful wife bought me a new paddle. photo of both is hard to believe.

    (thanks Alpine shop for extending the upcoming sale)

    I am leaving for the river soon, a message can be left at 573 five one seven 2 five eight three

    Chris A. you should join me, thank you for helping me start a good tradition.


    crazy jerry

    ps. please enjoy  a drink for me.

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    Freddie Carter

    Congratulations buddy ! We been paddling a long time in a lot of places ! Hope to see you at the Saint when I am in the U.S. In June. Enjoy your day !

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    Hard to believe its been 20 years. Sorry I’m going to miss it. I’d love to be down there creekin’ this afternoon.

    Hope you have a great time.


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    Casey House

    You are awesome Jerry!!

    Hope you enjoyed your day on the river!!


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    Yesterday was a very good day.

    Started at 24 inches, ended at just over bridge level.

    I had good safety and we had a good run.

    Wow, the new paddle has a lot of surface area. I did not have it all of the way out of the water a few times. -new blades are at least 4 inches longer than my previous stick

    Life is good, God is great

    crazy jerry

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