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      Michael Dee
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      Thinking about it…anybody else?

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      Water was great today!   I will be heading back down tomorrow afternoon with a group of 3 or 4.   Be at D around 4



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      jerry schafroth
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      Thurs afternoon was great.

      I showed up and nobody around, dang, guess I go do yard work.

      A friend called and we met and ran the  river; 28 to start –  24 to end.

      I was able to “skin the cat” in my Recoil with decent water.

      Very fun move. Not easy in the shorter boats.

      Boating without long drives in June is GREAT!!!


      crazy jerry

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      jerry schafroth
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      Eagle was cool to watch also.

      He did the very low fly-by while we were above cat’s paw,

      and then he hung out at double drop and watched us surf for at least 20 minutes.

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