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    I just wanted to say the special program given out this year is fantastic! Beautifully put together; with some really good facts/info inside. I had never seen what the Tiemann’s home looked like before and will now have to look for the remains of Elmer’s boat graveyard, ect. Such a great read!

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    We have copies of the Commemorative Program remaining after the race.  If you didn’t get one, you can order them from the MWA Store at:  (if it isn’t showing up yet, check again soon).

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    Speaking of the Tiemann house – on the MWA archive CD, we have at least a dozen pictures of the house, as well as pictures off Elmer’s Ozark Village buildings.  They were part of a slide presentation that Elmer gave to an MWA Race Banquet many years ago.

    We’ll work on getting all those pictures on the website over the next few months.  Just didn’t have time to get it done ahead of the Race.

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      John Tansil

      If I ever get my act together ….. I took a movie of Elmer’s Broken Boat Museum and a movie of a paddler coming downstream with Elmer’s house in the background.


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    Brian Shipman

    I too was very impressed with it.  Very slick layout and chalked full of stories. I’ve placed it near the toilet so I can read each and every article when the time comes.



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    The race coordination and volunteers were outstanding.  BUT, the race program, which I didn’t even seen until i got home, was icing on the cake.  Bling and Company did an outstanding job.  What a great way to commemorate everyones hard work over the years.  I read it cover to cover and then looked at all the photos again and again.  The individual boater stories were also incredibly interesting.  Well done by all.



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    I totally agree! I finally had some free time to read through it and I’m loving all of the personal stories. Great job.

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