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    He might not know it, but the river that he chose to get named after:

    The beloved St. Francis  River — continues to prove it.

    The upper watershed just received 3/4 inch of water in the past 6 hrs.

    We just enjoyed a good weekend of water, and now we will get a few more days.

    Thank you God.

    We really, really appreciate any river time during warm weather.

    crazy jerry

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    Thank you Mother Nature!!

    Yes it’s raining in the right places right now. Saint’s gonna come up! Again, Not huge probably, but it’s twitching on the Roselle gage already! 🙂

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    Jerry: do you have an email address you can give me to send the video I took of you at Cats Paw on Saturday?
    (I tried texting it to you, but not sure if you’re a texter.) Otherwise, I may have to do something drastic like figure out how to post a video on this site. If all else fails, just ask one of your grandkids for help.

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