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    After having ran the little saint on saturday; we are lookin to do some more exploring. I was lookin at my paddlers book and noted there appears to be some rapids on this section. Anyone ever run it? Was it worth it?

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    It’s on my “list” of places to paddle as I have been told over the years it is nice. Only one short stretch of legitimate whitewater from what I hear so if that is your goal, probably not worth it but otherwise sounds like a nice float trip. Have also been told the fishing there is pretty good.

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    Di and I have run it multiple times. It’s long, with a few long pools, lots of cl-II and a more serious Cl-III-IV depending on water level. If you have a full day, I think it’s a fun run. Don’t do it under 15 inches on Roselle gauge as it gets bony.

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    I like this section, but it takes some stamina to do the entire section in a ww boat, especially at lower flows (be cautious with newer boaters who have trouble making ww boats go straight).  That being said, some of the riffles/rapids can be challenging in longer boats if you’re not experienced.  Personally, I really like this section and think it is really pretty, but like Chuck said, you have to know you’re going to spend most of the day paddling.


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    Thanks for the input. Looking to make this “all-day Monday” trip. Hopefully its not too agonizing in a ww ‘yak.

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    It’s  too low for today.

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    I have run it several times over the years.  Once was with beginners in short wwboats at 6″.  We enjoyed it immensly although the rapids were a little bony we made it though.  It took 4 hours to Roselle.

    Once was at 3 feet over the bridge.  We paddled out of the parking lot and I promptly pulled out.  Those who went on found gnarly whitewater!

    But one of my all time favorite memories on the St. Francis River was at 20″ last spring paddling with Di McHenry.  We took her double inflatable and called it a “training run”  for the MR340 race.  We took 4 hours to go from Cinco de Mayo Campground (1/4 mole upstream of Syenite)to Silvermines.  Pure delight.

    We didnt know the lines nearly as well as we know the lower.  But the lines are clear.  It is a more remote section so take survival gear(patch kit, dry clothes, food) in case you have a problem and have to walk to the road.

    Cinco de Mayo is my campground…not yet open to the public.  I am thinking about running next monday.  I will repost then when we know water level.  I woyld not hesitate to run at 6″ again in hard boats.  The first 5 miles is ww then about 8 of flatwater.



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    Four hours doesnt seem bad at all. Pretty sure this will be my next “all-day Monday” adventure. Unfortunately Im not too convinced the water will be up enough for this coming Monday. Thanks for all the info.

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    Daggerdan and I will be running this tomorrow. We plan to meet at Roselle at 10am if anyone wants to go. My cell is 573 561 3939.

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    Make that 9am not 10.

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    George and I had a great day yesterday doing this trip. It took us 3hr 15min and while it did have a lot of flat water, there was a few whitewater sections that were pretty fun. Weather was beautiful yesterday. I’d do it again maybe at 25in+ just for something different. Maybe in the spring when everything is bloomed. Here’s the video of the whitewater parts if anyone wants to know what it’s like.

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