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    The event—– Di and her class did from our house to Low water bridg on Stout’s. It was my intention to pick them up at the MDC parking area if possible. It was not. The people at plain and fancy had placed a huge, 3 foot diameter log all the way across from bridge edge, to brushy woods. I guess to stop people from putting in there.  I only parked there when I was sure the class was there and I parked well out of the way. Suddenly 5 cars pulled in all around us, and from gowns, I presume to take prom pictures. I told them we’d hurry and apologized. Nevertheless this guy made a big show of taking pictures of my license plate. Just in case, today we drove by to take a picture of the log and it is gone! New Tractor tracks in the mud.

    I have no idea what this all means- the log has been there for quite some time. If he pushed it into the creek it will be a major obstacle. If he intends on prosecuting me for trespassing- perhaps he is erasing evidence.

    Does any club members still rent rooms or cabins at Plain and Fancy?

    Anybody have any opinions?

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    John Tansil

    With any landowner that I have to interact with, it’s always short and sweet….. “I’m sorry sir/ma’am that I had to set foot on your land but there was no other way around the obstacle.” Be polite and apologetic. And whatever you do NEVER talk about your “right” to paddle the stream.

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    People in your neck of the woods take their land rights pretty seriously. We weren’t there long and they could see we had little kids with us. We had to put safety first.

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    Johm- all I did was apologize. There was NO words spoken. We have had trouble there before, but I do think we have a right to exit the creek, move around the obstacle, and then re-enter, but someone, made that pretty near impossible. And again- why is it gone today?

    Kathy- You are 100% correct. BTW- thanks for you help and skill with the kids- they had a blast.

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    John Tansil

    Chuck (and Kathy) – I should have prefaced my comment with “You guys did all the right things.” Sorry that I didn’t do that. Me bad.

    …. now here’s another data point …. several years ago me and the Joneses wanted to park and put in at the low water bridge but the owner(s) had piled a humongous brush pile just downstream of the low water bridge so that river access was blocked on river right. We went to their house, asked permission, and were told to drive across the bridge and park and unload, which we did. I can’t remember which side of the river we left the vehicle on.

    SO, apparently the owner of the B n B can be accommodating! …. I expect he has been burned before and doesn’t want ANY cars parking on river right because they could block access on the dirt/gravel road leading up the hill to his house.

    My solution to running Middle Stouts is (a) park in the tiny MDC parking area or (b) park off Hwy D just across from the put-in. The parking here is terrible so you may want to park and unload and then move vehicle(s) downstream, across the Hwy 72 high bridge and park on the shoulder of Hwy 72.



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