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    Hey guys, so im 1 class away from becoming a master diver. Im wondering if scuba diving the saint is against some law or rule… wanna see if I can find some cool stuff below the features. Thanks in advance hope all is well!

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    Kevin Anders

    I’ve tried it once when water was a bit lower.
    I have small 13 cf tanks I can backpack in. Just use a regulator no bcd. Terrible visibility down deep. Was concerned about water moccasins as I have seen them several times while kayaking the river.  Did not want to encounter one down in the dark deep depths. It’s a long walk out with venom in your system if you survive 😳

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      Thanks for the reply and yeah that’s definitely a concern. Didn’t know how it was down deep so probably not a good idea 🙂

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    I noted today on the board at millstream that scuba diving is not permitted. This would apply to the conservation area I do not know about the forest service which would apply to the silvermines area.

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    Di and I used to go to the Saint in summer and snorkel…very easy to do, and going upriver was like climbing underwater. Found stuff too. Scuba seems a little over the top.

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