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    All the sassafras on my property is dying. This could be due to a disease called Laurel Wilt disease. It is caused by a fungus that is carried by a small invasive beetle from Asia. There is no cure or treatment and is 100% fatal. The last distribution map I saw showed it in Southern Ark. but it is moving North. It could have made a ‘jump’ to the Ozarks. While the death of ALL of our Sassafras trees seems eminent, I am wondering if anyone else is seeing this? What a shame.


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    I would guess that you are correct in your assessment.  I have had several requests to carve sassafras stumps in northern Arkansas in the last couple of years.  Just for your knowledge, I won’t carve them, because the dust is extremely toxic, especially if the wood is still green.  If any of your family goes to take them down, I would fully cover clothing wise and wear a respirator.

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    Talked to state horticulturalist and she thinks they are drowning. Hmmmm seems odd, but this has been a very rainy spring.

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    Freddie Carter

    I remember paddlin The Upper Jacks Fork about ‘66 and a Scoutmaster name of Richard Murphy taught us to identify and harvest the Sassafrass root and make Tea, Never has been a better thirst quencher ! Especially on Ice. Thanx for that memory. Freddie

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