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      jeff clawges
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      Good morning and Merry Christmas to all!
      So Santa let you down again? No new boat under the tree this year?
      Here is the perfect chance to score big time Santa points. (unless you want a HIGH-N-DRI next year also)

      On 12/20 Kim and I scout the accesses from Roselle to Silvermines and I’d like to share what we found.

      ROSELLE was fairly clean, There is some trash in the woods when you walk towards Stouts Creek. 2-3 people with trash bags should be able to tackle it.

      MILLSTREAM – The goal here is to get as many tires as we can from the woods on the right side of the trail. Brian Waldrop, The MDC, Stream Team 211 (the Mighty 211) have volunteered to help us out with that by bringing equipment and an ATV to help with that. (THANK YOU!) We are still going to need help with digging the tires out (strong backs required) and a few folks to pick up loose trash from the trail and put-in.

      SILVERMINES was clean.

      THOMPSON FORD has a few tires all in the water. I’m going to try to get ahold of a grappling hook (you’ll see) So a 2 – 3 people should be able to do it. (
      you will need a minimum of waders on since you will probably get wet) Come on down and show the Saint Some Love! We’ll be cleaning the accesses from Roselle to Thompsons Ford on the Little Saint. This year we are going to attempt an on water cleanup if possible. (weather and water permitting.)

      We will meet at the Pavillion at 10am to sign in and pick up your goodies (bags, gloves, t-shirts and ST swag) Please keep in mind this is only a partial list. There are needs for on water pick up. (canoe guys) Trail maintenance, and some hike in spots that Dan mentioned.

      Thanks for your time and hope to SYOTR soon!

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      hello Jeff,
      at low water the other day, i saw a tire just below Catspaw, and one just down from Littledrop.
      you said meet at pavilion?
      Millstream or Silvermines?
      unless camp manager or forest service is around, silver-mines gate is closed.
      Crazy jerry

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      jeff clawges
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      Hey Jerry, We’ll meet at Millstreams since that were the big tires are. Are the tires in the water or on the bank? Your side of the river? I think I’ll bring my canoe if the water is low and we can ferry people across if there is interest.- SYOTR! (Hopefully soon)

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      hey Jeff,
      all tires were on river left, and could be pulled up to the trail.
      the 2 I mentioned were on bank at low water level,
      if water gets big because of melt and rain, they could go downstream again.

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      jeff clawges
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      Awesome. Hopefully I’ll be on the river this weekend to check it out. How’s the rain there?

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      jeff clawges
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      We will meet at Millstream gardens conservation area at 10am to sign in.
      ( From St. Louis take 55 south to 67 south to 72 8miles west on 72 to left at sign)
      Long range weather forecast shows sunny and cold on Saturday Please dress appropriately. We will have gloves, bags and some equipment on site.
      If you plan on being on the Millstream tire crew eat your Wheaties and if you can bring a shovel or pry bar that would be awesome.

      Here is a copy of the clean up infp I posted to the event page on facebook – SYOTR!

      We’ll need a crew at Thompson ford to fish a couple tires out of the creek there. I have a grappling hook that might be helpful but if you have waders to wear, I would suggest them.
      We need crews for litter pick up along the trail and at the accesses along the river. I can give you locations and what I saw when scouting.
      Jo-Jo has graciously donated a pot of chili to the effort. Thanks Jo! Crazy Jerry is going to bring us some firewood to keep everyone warm. We will have water available (bring your own water bottle please) Soda and an adult beverage or 2. High is supposed to be 43 on Saturday so I will try to have something warm to drink also available.
      I’ve spoken to quite a few MWA members who are coming down. I can’t thank you enough. (you can still get a HOD/CON run in after the cleanup 😁) If I haven’t spoken to you come on down anyway! We need all the help we can get.
      I want to thank Brian Waldrop and Bernie Arnold from the Stream team 211 (The Mighty 211) for volunteering the equipment and expertise to get this clean up accomplished! You guys are incredible! Thank you, Cara Arrigo from the MDC, for all of your support!
      Thanks again in advance to everyone. Thanks to you we have a real opportunity to to do a little good.

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