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    Sam Rehkop

    Good morning everyone. I guess you all really wanted to see Mom and Dad on their last week as campground managers. The river is at 30 this morning. Go down and give them all kinds of hell today!!! Happy boating!!!

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    is the campground closed, locked as of Nov 1?

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    Also need to know if the campground is now closed.

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    Sadly, yes.

    It is very strange to drive by and not see Jim and Doris’s trailer.

    Even with the budget lock-down and the ‘covid’ lock-down, I could drive by on the way to my farm and see their trailer. A small sign that things would get back to normal. Not seeing the trailer makes me wonder about what will become the “New Normal”

    When the Forest service does something, it is usually a matter of  bad timing. They managed to repave the lower campground right before winter when nobody can use it.  They still cannot get reliable drinking water to the upper campground all summer when it is needed.

    Just a Monday rant-( pray for a little rain )

    crazy jerry

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