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    Jim called and Di and I hit the ground running. When we crossed 72 it was clear and low…..what? Then Turkey Creek was huge at 72.

    When we got to D bridge it was running over the bridge….I thought something strange was going on so we did not go to 72 (probably -10″) At MS the water was at 10″ and by the looks of things had not gone much more than 15″

    When we finished at D the level was 14″.

    There is a lot of damaged trees along the N. bank of the river- snapped in half, about half their length. The huge bankside  Sycamore at Turkey Creek was snapped off just above the base.

    My best guess is that the area of the Saint below 72, and above D got a cloudburst of about 3″. All the creeks on the S side were flowing about 100 cfs, and Turkey Creek was out of its banks.

    Tomorrow? I will be very surprised if the river even stays above zero.

    I will post about 9 am I hope on its condition.


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    This shows Roselle gauge got half an inch at about 3pm, and this confirms the precipitation, but it barely moved the level at Roselle, matching Chuck’s description. The most interesting thing is that you can make out a tiny blip of rain right over the Millstream area in this map of the last 24 hours cumulative precipitation:

    I’m desperate for some paddle time but this doesn’t give me a lot of confidence that it’ll be runnable tomorrow. However, you all would know better than I would. Thoughts?

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    Saturday @ 8 AM= negative 6″

    And if you are STILL contemplating a run- remember that this is probably the river level from Turkey Creek down.

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    Di and I went to the Saint about 10 am. It was really, really low at MS.

    On the good side we picked pounds of Chantrells and Boletes.

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    Are the chantrelles in pretty good shape? The ones I last saw were pretty rough.

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    Fresh, smooth and aromatic. Cooking them tonight with our garlic and heritage onions.

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