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    Watch the gauge- we got enough rain.

    In 35 years running (now walking) the trail I have never seen a water moccasin on the trail…the reported sighting made me feel lucky- however, taking out on river right at double drop I saw one, changed my direction, then saw another. I see these commonly here. Be careful!

    Meant to post earlier- the bathrooms at Fisherman’s are open.

    Did I read that camping has opened? Will D parking lot be available? I will find out tomorrow.

    The water was 64 degrees today.

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    LOL The vagaries of prediction, especially in spring. A week ago 1/2 inch of rain produced 20 inches on the river. This time it barely went up an inch. Way too many variables!

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    I was watching that radar, it looked like it went south of the Farmington watershed. Thanks for the snake alert!

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