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    We got 3″ of rain here, Santo reports 5″ at Libertyville. While there is an outside chance the river will come up today…I have to also note how totally dry it’s been, and that the last time we were at D bridge, the water level was -20″ Stout’s hasn’t budged. We have no water in the runoff ditches.

    The rise you might see on the gauge is…well…about 3″ which is the rain!

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    I dropped Di off at about 4:30. It looked like she had about 30″. When we left the van at D it was only at neg 7 inches. She may catch the pulse, which is a lot of fun! I suspect this water comes from Libertyville, which means it could drop pretty fast.

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    24″ at D at 4:45pm Friday

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    I got off the river about 5:30pm and it was 30″.  Looks like it topped out at 40″ and is dropping.   Should be water for tomorrow!!

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