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      It was 10 inches on the nose at 4 pm. The water is getting very pleasant temperature-wise.

      More importantly, I got to paddle with Paula G and Di M!

      The problem is- no one believes me because I didn’t get any pictures….

      Maybe I need to finally get a cell phone…..

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      I testify that I saw Chuck on the river today, with Di & Paula. They were surfing last surf, and came down from above there. However, it is possible that he merely carried up to Fat Man’s squeeze & paddled down from there.

      If you can believe I was on the river, that is. But it was a great day slacking with the Gootches, the Newells, and the Serfas’. A thunderstorm passed over us without too much lightning. An eagle was flying up & down the river. No Asian Carp landed on our boats, and Mr Gootch only spotted 4 snakes.

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      One more best day on the river! I saw McChuck too! At the take out, with his ¬†little dog too! I’ll bring my camera Chuck if you’d like documentation this weekend. SYOTR

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      Thinking about it- yeah it was great paddling with these two…..but it wasn’t all that. They are terrible wave/hole hogs……

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