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    The rain has been very slow and steady, and usually this doesn’t affect the river much, however the plants are slowing down, if not done, and the ditches are running, so…

    Watch the gauge.

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    I’m a bit inexperienced whenever it comes to calling water levels, but after having seen the saint under 67 on my way home I would bet there will be water to paddle all weekend.

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    Heading down to Camp and boat all day tomorrow with Terry!

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    Heading down this morning, hope to get there 10:30-11.  Will drop gear at Millstream and see if anyone at D.  Can shuttle or walk the trail…

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    Di and I are waiting for the river to drop into mid-20’s, ie the perfect level. If I’m going to be really sore tomorrow from rodeo, I want it to be for a good cause.


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    Sally Haywood

    Ed Stevens and I, Sally Haywood, plan to do the upper tomorrow. Meeting at the upper put in with Maureen at 11 am. It would be great if anyone wants to join us. Maybe the whole river, depending on level,

    This is Ed’s first year of boating and I’m thrilled for him to have some water to put his hard-won skills  to work

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