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      Di dropped me off at 72 for my first run. Went solo surfing big waves down to MS where I was lucky to join up with the Professor, Michelle, Chris A and Rick. It seems we caught the pulse at 8 feet over the bridge. Lots of adrenalin out there.

      On second run I got dropped off at 72 and as I entered the stream I noticed there was a LOT of debris, including big logs and trees. The big surfing waves at entrance had all moved over and were right in front of trees, but the BGW was still magnificent on river right. Played dodge ball with debris for awhile and then gave up and drifted on down. It was extraordinary to see these big masses pile into trees along the river, but probably the coolest thing I saw was at Fisherman’s.

      Upstream of fisherman’s is actually an island, with the river right side closed due to intensive and impenetrable brush. I got to watch a huge log literally roll down that side and flatten everything. I think it’s going to be VERY open now!

      On a darker note I went into a deep eddy and was quite startled by these large white fish jumping all around and on my boat. Flying Carp?

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