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      When I crossed the river at Delassus, it looked pretty low. I suspect the gauging is closer to accurate now as the local runoff dwindles.

      Weekend? without rain we’ll be in the single digits (3″ is a favorite level however- lots to do)

      Radar shows a huge system coming our way from the western side of the state.

      Water temp is good for shorties.

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      Giant group of AARP slackers spotted on Thursday. Nearly a dozen old folks, with 2-3 youngin’s along to help them down the river. Average age 65 or so. 4-5 enders attained, showing the youngin’s what old folks in old boats can do.

      On at 11ish at 25″, off at 3ish at 22″.

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      Yeah, ain’t retirement grand?

      I also forgot to mention- two moccasins have now been killed at the take-out. Keep an eye  out!

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      I was one of the youngins yesterday and the enders were impressive! It was a pleasure boatin with all of you. I just started boating at age 29 and its exciting to see that i have the next 40 years of doing this.

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      Chuck, did you retire ? Git yer butt down here ! Free lodging and shuttles !!

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