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    15 inches today at 5 pm at D.

    Please note that at 3 doors, door #1 has a huge tree going almost all the way across. At 10″ door #2 gets shoally, but still doable if you duck the branch going over it. At lower water still you can probably get under the log at door #1.

    Good news is right side at Turkey creek is open. The log washed away.

    So…..we need to do some chainsawing- and the dam needs it too.

    Stout’s Creek- next people down be on high alert- we saw a LOT of debris in main channels.

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    thanks Chuck!


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    Sam Rehkop

    The river is at +10 this morning.

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    Sam Rehkop

    The river is at+7 as of 730am.

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    Sam Rehkop

    As of 730 the river is +4.5 feet per dad.

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    Dale and a handful of guys pulled the tree out of DOOR #1 yesterday, so it’s clear now.

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    That was a major undertaking! It was huge.  I was running the trail and wondering where all the noise was coming from. Bart was in on it. Others? BIG Thanx.

    BTW- he trail, other than being really muddy, is in great shape brush-wise. Still lots of mushrooms out too.

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    Oh yeah, Bart was definitely in on it… 😉

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    Turkey Creek left route has two trees fall on the right sneak of the largest drop. I cleared it out several years ago with a hand saw but these trees might need quite a bit more. This seems somewhat optional but the route comes in handy during clinic, etc.

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