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    Monday afternoon the low water bridge was holding at neg.5

    the good news is that the pools are holding more water now than they have in a while.

    (less rain needed to raise the level)

    I hiked in on river right to bottom of Cats Paw, ate lunch, then hiked back up to center of conservation area, turned left, hiked to the bottom of Mudd Creek. Took a break, enjoying the awesome view,-I was rewarded by watching a bald eagle fly upriver, turn up Mudd Creek, circled over me a few times then it flew back over the Saint and headed upstream–very cool hike. Reminded me of hiking with Jim Lappe. Lots of good hiking on river right. if a person wanted to hike to these locations, give me a few days then call me. I should be able to get gps coordinates to get you on the correct trails.

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    Sounds like a great hike Jerry. Keeping my eye on the gauge and hoping to see you down there Sunday.

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