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    I had sent an email to Becky Fletcher, area manager for Millstream gardens, as follows:


    Good morning,

    This past weekend, I was able to go kayaking, and was surprised to see that the whole put-in area had been leveled out.

    Can you explain why?

    As it is, it looks like the first big rain will wash all of the soil away.

    A few days of the river being at bridge level would rut that entire area very badly.

    Is MDC going to put sand there? plant grass?

    I would have thought that the berm that was there would help control erosion better than flat slope grading.

    As you know, our MWA races will be held on March 22-24,2019

    This is going to be a major muddy mess.

    Much speculation, no clear answers or ideas.

    Thank you,



    the response MDC gave:

    Hi Jerry,

    Yes, there is a reason for our madness.

    As you know, we have had some pretty good floods in the last couple years, that deposited large amounts of sand at the put-in area, changing the topography.  That changed how the water flowed into the river.  We started to get deep rutting where water was eroding new pathways through the soil and putting it into the river.  We needed to restore the area to stop the erosion.

    We wanted to get it done earlier this winter, but the weather did not cooperate.  We had to get it done before things started greening up.


    Tomorrow, we plan to re-seed and put down a layer of straw.  This will help with erosion, and the mud issue.


    I know it’s a little inconvenient, but it really is better for the river in the long run.

    Please let everyone know that it’s okay to walk on the straw and the seeded areas.  We will take care of any other issues after the races.


    If you are racing this year, I wish you luck.  See you out there.


    Becky Fletcher

    Forester II

    Mo Dept of Conservation

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    Casara Heaton

    Thank you Jerry, this has been a ongoing discussion in the FB group as well.
    Good to get a response from MDC to understand.

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