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        where is the party after the meeting???

        Unless people from our group have reserved all of the electric sites, I would think that there would be other campers in the area that might NOT ENJOY a large party with an all-night bonfire and lots of loud, drinking, partying MWA people.

        “We tried to reserve the group site but it was already taken a month ago.”

        Sorry- this event is like the races, it happens every  year.

        Any venue worth having is always booked more than 2 months out.

        Races are usually the 3rd weekend in March. Picnic is usually the weekend after Labor day.

        I see that the dates have already been posted for next years race and clinic. This was done so that people can make plans and reservations (including group site). Shouldn’t the Picnic be the same??

        Has  the MWA considered renting out Spring branch overflow camping area?

        I know this is MWA election year, and we might not have a picnic organizer, but I repeat–

        this event is like the races, it happens every  year.

        (no, I do not want the job, I’m just stating the obvious facts)

        crazy jerry



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        Missouri Whitewater

          After the group meal and annual meeting at the Riverside Pavilion, the picnic activities will continue at the fire ring at the D-bridge takeout parking lot.  (We have permission to gather there after hours.)

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              Party at D bridge it is !!!

              I am hoping that I could trade a decent load of campfire wood delivered to the parking lot in exchange for 2 additional meal tickets? please let me know.


              crazy jerry

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              True, it happens every year on the same weekend, but the venue changes periodically.  We have had it at Dreylands for several years, until last year.  Before that it was Akers Ferry, Twin Rivers, and probably other places as well that I am forgetting.  A decision on the location was not made until last month, because we have no coordinator and I have been very busy at work.  So, it slipped by until it got late.

              Scott B.

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