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    Freddie Carter

    This is the Winter I expect my MWA Homies, like Perfesser, Bilbo, Slim, Chuck and Di, Jason, Jon, Fireman Larry, Gootch, I wish Jim ☹️, Crazee Jerry, Michelle and Dennis, Levi, Coach and Lil Holdmeir, etc…. to make an effort to get yer butts down here to the Caribbean to paddle in Paradise ! No more excuses … you have free acommodations and a cheap trip to paddle a World Class destination in the tropics. Make it happen !!

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    Freddie Carter

    Also, JW, we need Spanish speakers ! We have something for every level you want to paddle ! Even you Janney Boys !!

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    jon serfas

    You got OpenBoats down there?


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    Freddie Carter

    Lottso trees ! We can make a dugout !! Eli is still regretting not leaving one behind when he was here 2 Christmas’es ago ! He brought 4 open boats on the airline !! It was crazee ….

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    bump – I always looked forward to Freddie’s invites and other postings, usually in the form of some off-topic response to another posting. So I had to refresh this one in his honor.

    There are some posted pictures and some stories on his Facebook page.

    He is a legend.  Great salsa at the takeout.  Always paid his MWA dues (even from the DR).  Always gave recognition to the Marine Corps birthday (10 Nov).  Always wanted a race t-shirt after he moved to the DR, but only if it was 100% cotton – none of that poly crap for a t-shirt.  Great stories about rivers, river trips, and parties afterwards.  I still remember when he had the “Sea-hag Barbie” attached to his kayak, and our daughter Valerie, about 5 years old at the time?, was trying to liberate the doll.

    Semper Fi, mi amigo.

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    Por la Muerte  extra Viejo rum is preferred.

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