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      Yeeehaaawww!   Just got back from an epic 4 weeks of paddling out in CO and Idaho.

      Was able to hit close to 15 new rivers and runs;  Clear Creek, Poudre Narrows, the Arkansas, East Fork South Fork Salmon, Payette drainage, South Fork Clearwater, lower/upper lochsa, and to top it off, spent the last few days of the trip running some stuff in the Crested Butte and Crystal drainage.

      All in all, a terrific trip with overall minimal carnage;  I managed to break my full face sweet rocker on the poudre narrows, snapped a paddle above the big boy on OBJ, and for a while thought I lost a boat ( it turned up a day or two later after floating free from a log jam)

      For those who have not been, the Crested Butte area is littered with wicked creeks full of fun!

      Below is an edit of my PFD’s down Oh Be Joyful.   As luck would have it, the first paddler i ran into on this run was Rush Sturges! A good start to any run!



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      By far your best video yet. You have had some amazing run recently. Loved the EFSF video as well. Keep them coming. I enjoy watching them. Probably as close as I will ever get to some of them.


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