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    As a large quantity ticket seller, my wife thinks that the MWA is making a HUGE mistake by not having a canoe of some sort to raffle this year. She has sold lots of canoe tickets over the years, and some of the ticket buyers have -0- interest in buying a kayak raffle ticket. If the club could not get a canoe donated, could they have bought one at costs? could they have gone to a different source? or different supplier? I do not know how much the MWA makes off of the canoe raffle? is it a money losing raffle? no canoe tickets with no explanation was a shock to her. please explain reasoning behind this.

    thank you,

    jerry (posting for my wife- Mary)

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    Jerry, I certainly understand your frustration.  Betty has reminded me several times how many canoe tickets you sell and the club truly appreciates your efforts.  As you know we have an increasingly difficult time getting volunteers for the races.  The committee decided we would attempt to make the races a little easier and decided to look at several issues with the races.  One area was the raffle.  After careful review of the financial records we realized we barely broke even with the canoe.   It is a difficult job to get deals for our canoe.  The Alpine Shop has again supported us with the races and this year has told us They plan to give us money from the proceeds of pint night to use as we needed rather than a canoe deal.   The committee plans to appropriate that money for other needs however we have not received the funds as of yet and we must plan ahead.  If it weren’t for one of our members giving us a good deal for the kayak we could be in the same boat with it.  That is the reason we have decided to only raffle off a kayak this year. I am sure the committee  would be happy to revisit the idea of a canoe raffle again next year however again that will depend on volunteers and our finances  Again we so appreciate your support and understand your concerns.

    Thanks, Slim

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    Thank you Slim for the response.

    Mary had taken the kayak tickets into work on Friday, and immediately was asked about where the canoe tickets were.

    She will continue to sell kayak tickets.

    We are also thankful for the support that the Eades family has given towards making the kayak raffle possible.

    As for volunteers, every group I have been involved in for the last few years, has had issues trying to get help.

    Many thanks to those volunteers that make the races and clinic possible.

    crazy jerry

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    It may be too late for this year, but has anyone reached out to Buffalo Canoe.  They are back to making canoes again, based out of Arkansas.  They are a sponsor of the Arkansas Canoe Club, and I have seen their boats up for raffles.  I’m not a open boater, but it seems they have a great reputation for high quality boats, not whitewater, but non the less.

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