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    Can someone explain why there are state park signs above the hwy 72 bridge on Stouts Creek? What state park?
    I wanted some pnp action a few weeks ago and decided to run the middle section of Stouts, but found no trespassing signs below the bridge and would like to know where the best/correct access points are. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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    The “state park” signs are real and probably the smallest SP in the state. You can park there, and a rudimentary trail leads to creek upstream. The no trespassing signs belong to Penuel. It is fairly easy to walk down the fred’town side of 72 bridge and get to the creek also. Leave car parked in one of the pull offs. Take out at Penuel and you can park  in their lot just off 72. Donations are made so MWA only can use this lot.

    Please be aware that Penuel is a church camp and they expect you to act accordingly.

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    For whatever value it may be to anyone: last year, the idea was floated by the state to remove that old bridge and run the new bridge from where the current parking area is (the one Chuck mentioned) towards where the old bridge connects on the other side. From what I was told by some folks during a phone conference regarding the new bridge, there are two reasons why the state park signs are there: the first one is that there is evidence of Native Americans using the rocks in that area to manufacture tools. They hinted it was no small operation. The second reason is that on the other side of the creek opposite the parking spot are remnants of a Civil War area road (look for the stone wall formation. I am not referring to the one that runs along the highway along the lake, ect). During the conference, I advised the board members that the creek is a whitewater hotspot for the MWA and asked for them to consider leaving some form of parking area/entrance for us. If I recall, the project should have already began and completed by now, but obviously it has not. Another cool feature about the spot is that the large concrete fixtures near the parking area are what remains of an old mining furnace. This bit of info has been contested, but as far as I can tell and have read it is fact. A lot of history on the small section of land.

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    LOL! You can’t do anything around the area with out running into an archeological site. When I was on the city council we couldn’t lay a straight line of pipe.

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    John Tansil

    Maybe the MWA should register as a Native American tribe?

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