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      Michael Dee
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      It’s difficult to find a posted date for set-up Saturday. Is it happening this year on March 12th? Starting at what time? I was planning to bring a group of 4 or 5 high schools students to help.

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      yes, setup starts at 10:00 am Sat 12 March.  Bring gloves & wire cutters, sturdy shoes, lunch & water.  Plus boating gear.

      Early risers will pickup gear at the storage shed.  Teams will form at the parking lot at Millstream & deploy gear to the gate locations, which will be marked by Chuck ahead of time.  Radios will be issued to teams on both sides of the river.

      Always need folks on River Right, so plan to bring boating gear to join the RRT (River Right Team).

      We’ll set up all the wires, including the finish line.  Maybe a few gates for slalom clinic.  Rest of gates & other race gear (tent, sales table, etc) get setup on Friday 18 March (also starting at 10:00 am).

      Previous experience is not necessary – plenty of set-up veterans – we will train you on-site!

      Slalom clinic led by Joe Sartori after set-up is done.

      Camping at the group site at Silvermines after boating, dinner.  Adult beverages.

      SAFETY WARNING:  Whenever you clip a wire, be sure to bend the ends down – otherwise the wire is a hazard to eyes, as the spooled wire sometimes flails around.

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      Slalom clinic- I’m glad this got brought up. I would assume Joe has committed to teach? Let me know if we get any interest and I will bring the proper gates to set up a mini-course below big drop. (Not race course).

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      Sarah Watson
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      We also have the group site reserved for Friday night before setup as well.



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      Yes, slalom clinic will be held FREE for race volunteers. Bring whatever boat you will race in–short plastic is fine! If you don’t plan to race, but want to work on paddling skills, your invited too. We will start at the pavilion with some video of basic gate technique; then Hollywood Beach for slalom edging drills; then finish at Big Drop to work on gate technique. This is fun stuff that will help you continue to polish your paddling dexterity no matter what kind of paddling you like best. Thank you Chuck for planning to bring some gates to setup weekend and for holding this clinic in year’s past! Volunteers, thank you in advance for your help!

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      I’d like to help out with this and try out the slalom clinic. Do I need to sign up anywhere, or just show up?

      Also, I noticed an error on the online race registration page. It says the wire-stringing day is “Saturday March 18”, but March 18 is actually the Friday before race weekend. Maybe a typo and meant to say March 12?

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      Thanks for spotting that Tim – leftover wording from last year.  Trying to get it fixed now.

      Just show up for the set-up on March 12.  You might want to let Joe Sartori know about your interest in the slalom clinic.

      Section should read:

      Additional Information

      Setup: Initial wire setup will be on Saturday, March 12, beginning at 10 AM. This involves stringing wires for the gates across the river, so bring your gloves, wire cutters, pliers, and water. No experience necessary–we will teach on-the-fly!

      A Slalom Clinic is planned after the wires are strung (free to volunteers, $20 to others). Free camping and party follows on Saturday night for setup volunteers at the Silver Mines Group Campsite (see map). Final course setup (stringing the gates) is the following Friday, March 18, followed by gate practice, race training or recreational paddling. Come help out and have fun!

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      Just a reminder to Safety Team Boaters,  we need on water boaters to run wire across river and safety boaters to watch their backs.  So come on down and get a warmup run in.

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      What type of campfire entertainment will we have this year? Do we have to beware of grease bombs?

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