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    Good afternoon!

    I live and work in Fredericktown and I am involved with the Madison County Chamber of Commerce (I’m also an MWA member and novice whitewater kayaker).¬† ūüėȬ† Madison County is celebrating their bicentennial this year and would like to assist in helping/hosting/having an event during the 2018 MWA races.¬† We are looking for your input and ideas on what might be helpful to boaters when they come to town.¬† Last year, there were several businesses that offered discounted food/drinks to race participants and I believe the Chamber put out a list of those, but I’m not sure how popular it was.

    Another idea that was thrown around was maybe a Swap Meet for those wanting to bring gear/boats/etc. to trade or sell but — again — just an idea.¬† Finding a good location for that AND the time for boaters to attend could be difficult…

    THOUGHTS AND IDEAS would be greatly appreciated!¬† Please use this thread to brainstorm — nothing is out of the question at this point.

    Thanks in advance!

    Ashley Bales —-

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    Ashley –

    Thanks for starting this thread.  All comments are welcome.  The Race Committee has not yet met to start planning for next year, but I just spoke to the Race Director last night, and he is going to post some info here soon.

    We would like to work with Madison County on this activity.

    FYI – a good, current list of Madison County lodging and restaurants would be most helpful to us, especially if we could have it by mid-January, when we post our Race Registration form on-line. ¬†That list isn’t quite as useful on race weekend, as most people have made their lodging plans (but the restaurant list is still helpful). ¬†And discounts are always welcome!

    We also used to enjoy seeing the sign on the “Welcome to Fredericktown” sign on Highway 67 that mentioned “Home of the Missouri Whitewater Championships” (similar to the one about the Azalea Festival).

    The races are scheduled for 16-17-18 March 2018.

    More to come.

    – Jim Warren, for the race committee

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    Thanks, Jim.¬† Any input from the race committee would be excellent and much appreciated!¬† I’ll check with the Chamber about a lodging/restaurants list and try to get that to you all as well. –Ashley

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    If only we had the amount of people that live near the Green river. Does Levi have any ideas after going to the Green Race? It would be awesome if we could match the same atmosphere as GAF at the Nantahala some how.

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    Parimutuel betting.

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    Matt Worobec

    Food trucks? And swap meet.

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    MU Extension and Madison County Chamber of Commerce are putting finishing touches on a lodging/camping/food list to send to the race committee prior to January.  I also asked them about the possible list of discounts offered last year.

    If there is truly interest in a swap meet and someone from the committee would like to assist me in organizing something “simple” this year to see how successful it is, I’d be happy to attempt to make it happen.¬† Obviously the focus would be outdoor/kayaking gear, but I would need someone to contact me about possible set-up locations near the course, best times over the weekend, etc.¬† My e-mail address is [email protected].¬† Cell is five seven three – five six one – 4289.

    Thanks!¬† –Ashley Bales

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