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    I decided to take this hike yesterday, and glad I did because the trail is unimproved and once we have a thick layer of leaves, in places will be difficult to read. Otherwise it is a beautiful hike. After about a mile I hit the creek valley. Wow, did that bring back boating memories! I then hiked upriver mostly just choosing my own way- there are pieces of trail, but generally you are bushwacking. As it’s mostly open bedrock this is only difficult in a few places.

    This is absolutely my new favorite hike…and no trash, anywhere! My only explanation is that people who do this hike are as reverent of Missouri’s most beautiful spots as I am?

    There is a developed camp you come to which would be great for an overnighter. Possibly there is a jeep trail somewhere nearby that goes back to the parking area? Does anyone know? (BTW you need high clearance to get to the parking area= very rough road.)

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    Speaking of hikes: have you done the Millstreams hike to Big Drop recently? A friend and I did MS-SM and back and just before Big Drop (coming from the direction of Tiemann’s tree) some one posted a Double Drop sign. I’m considering taking my drill out there and putting the damned thing where it belongs.

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    The Big Drop sign had been destroyed again, (Di and I have an old sign that we picked up the pieces for) So as always, an action is taken by the MDC without consulting anyone who has knowledge of the river.

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    Alan Peterson

    Remember…  There are a lot of deer hunters on the Lower Rock Creek Forest Service lands when the season is open.

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