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    Linda Tansil

    I don’t know how many of you are members of American Whitewater, but John wrote an article about his early days of paddling in East Tennessee before he moved to Missouri. Some of the later trips he made back to East Tenn after he moved to Missouri. It’s in the September/October edition, starting on page 30 and going to page 39. It gets broken up by timelines, charts and ads, so it looks like it ends way before you get to page 39. Some of the club boats he paddled with the U. Tenn. club had no seats or footbraces. I’m not sure when he first got a boat with both of those things.

    Also, thank you to those who did all the work to make the Picnic/Float weekend happen. It was fun, but I missed those who were not able to make it.

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    Linda, you and John will discover that very few read magazines anymore, my articles have gone unnoticed mostly, but I will read it!

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    John’s “Part 1” article about paddling with the East Tennessee White Water Club is here.

    A 2000 AW article he wrote about Sinkholes is here.

    Chuck has a number of AW articles, including these from 1994 (Halloween Descent), 2000 (Waiting for Bill) (same issue as John’s!), and most recently in 2018 about Winter Paddling.  And this one from 1999, The Most Beautiful Angel.  [There are interesting differences between John’s articles and Chuck’s articles!]

    Full copies of the AW Journal dating back to 1955 are available on-line to AW members.


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