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    you had posted that you still had ‘baby2’

    in a different post, you said that it had been damaged?

    what year is it? where is the damage?

    is it for sale???

    post here or contact me asap

    thank you

    jerry s.

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    Sorry Jerry, No Baby II is not for sale. She’s a 2008 Grand Caravan which had been made up to be an electrician’s work truck. I bought her when Baby was killed in 2017 coming in Page at Schuetz Rd.

    She’s my backup/hauling vehicle.

    John Kuthe…

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    thanks John,

    I thought that you meant that you still had the first minivan,

    a deer tagged mine the other day, and if your damage was different than mine,

    i would have bought the whole vehicle for parts.


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    Ouch! Yeah back when I had my 1985 Suburban and we were out on Colorado we tagged a deer on thew way home (campsite) after dinner and we didn’t know what to do, so we drove back to a lighted home and introduced ourselves and asked if they knew what we should do. So the woman called the Sherrif.

    And when the Sheriff asked the woman if there was any vehicular damage I assured them “No damage, I have a 1985 Suburban”.

    John Kuthe…





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