I ROCKED The Saint today at 10 inches, or a little less!

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      For being so out of practice, especially!

      And I looked GOOD in my purple Booster 55 with hot pink grab loops, my new pink sprayskirt, my pink shortsleeve paddle jacket, pink PFD and purple helmet!! Wish someone would have had a camera! It’s true, when you look good you boat better! 😉

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      Good to hear that you have made it to the saint!!!

      I have a couple of ???s

      “new pink skirt” -Does new equip. mean that you are going to boat more?

      Was this an impulse trip to the river, or do you have a relative in town?

      Are you up for a quick run on Monday 5-18-15?

      contact crazy jerry


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        Sorry Jerry, just an impulse trip from my new house where I’m living. I just decided that by my old addage “You have to be down there to boat”, I’d just GO! And I did, total impulse, Plus I had just purchased a pretty pink almost new sprayskirt from Eileen Lenkman I found from a Facebook post she made about having it for sale. Figured I had to try it out.

        I didn’t read your post until Mon evening. No, I would have liked to stay down there for Sun night and boated Mon too, especialoly with you, but I didn’t pack for that, just for a day’s run. I felt all out of practice boating, missing doing a lot of things I know I USED to be able to do. I’m rusty, but I did pretty well. And Tracey R told me at one point I looked “smooth”, so… Felt good about my boating, was a beautiful day on the river, which I miss a lot. It’s still “my river” as I remember it!

        I was also doing a shakedown of my new house that I’m living at, and it’s boating “facilities”. I have a big screen porch off the kitchen in the back and a big deck too, plus a 3 car garage. I keep all my boats and gear in the screen porch, and the whole setup works perfect for me!

        The Saint’s gonna be out of water very soon, so I don’t know when I might be back down. But Sunday proved to me that I still have what it takes, so I’m very hopefull!

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