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    The MWA clinic takes off Saturday at 8 AM at Silvermines!


    I would like someone to do a run Friday and report to us at the meeting an unusual situations like strainers, log jams or anything out of the ordinary that we are not used to.  This is a safety precaution to provide our instructors and safety boaters as much information about the river as possible.  Anyone???




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    I’ll be on the river tomorrow and let you know, but there are no issues currently.

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    I’ll be there tomorrow too

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    With the river coming up it definitely will be necessary. I have ordered Di to do 72 down tomorrow (OK stop laughing- she wants to do it anyway.)

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    BTW- we need wire reports for the clinin from anyone doing Stouts.

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    Chuck, it is so good to read your posts again. You are always a wealth of knowledge and experience. Kathy P

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    Thanx Kathy but I am mostly worried about the clinic- we will have pretty high water by Saturday. As I probably won’t be there Sat morning here are some alternatives.

    Little Saint-Thompson Ford to Whitener Ford . 4 miles. Nothing more than cl-II. Easy shuttle.

    Little Saint to Highway E takeout on Saint. 9 miles but the current is Fast. Easy Cl-III on Little Saint portion. Cl-I on Saint. Shuttle is long.

    Saint- 72 to Fisherman’s. If you stay left thru Entrance, you will avoid anything serious. Set up safety for run thru Kitten’s Crossing as well as Oz. Solid cl-3.

    Di is bringing kids to our house to stay on our frontage on Stout’s. I have heard there are 2 kids groups? Talk to Di.

    Marble Creek= cl-III in small doses.

    Silvermines to Highway E- four miles, nothing but fast current and watch for wood. Easy Cl-2-. Long Shuttle.

    Fisherman’s pool and Silvermines pool- calm water with current features, eddies, etc. available.

    As I am guessing about 40 inches on Saturday be very aware of the dam for the Turkey Creek run.

    Camp Penuel (The MWA donated this year) paddle up-lake to rapids. where a creek coming in river right, joins Stouts producing very teachable features.

    Middle Stouts and Lower Stouts= probably dinkable- I have taken two advanced groups down Lower Stouts with great success and very happy students. WATCH FOR THE WIRE. As much debris as we witnessed on Stout’s this afternoon (Over JT’s 4 foot mark), it is bound to have taken that wire out- but if it’s there it is a hazrd even our insurance may not back. Di and I worked out permission to put in at the bible camp, if you see the caretakers= really nice people, talk to them. The wire is just down from bible camp. While we just got permission 3 days ago to take-out and cross the wire on land- it is brushy and difficult.

    Our house to low water bridge on Stout’s= 4 miles (?) Cl-II. You can take-out at the State Park area just above the meat of middle Stouts or showing respect and humility take out at the bridge. Don’t park there. Park on highway D.

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    Sarah Watson

    Do you happen to know if there would be any good practice eddies on the Thompson to Whitener Ford section?  Looking for good eddy service to practice ferries, peel outs, etc with no consequences; but would like to let the students run a little moving water if possible.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thank you for all of the information, Chuck!  I really appreciate it!</p>


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    Sarah, I haven’t done that section in a long time but I would expect there are plenty of features..

    The little saint is holding very well and should be pretty good tomorrow.

    Lower Stout’s will be low, but doable, I have done it at that level without getting out of boat. All reports are that the wire is Thegone. However, still keep an eye out as the lowest wire may have been underwater today.

    The run from our house will be doable but boney.

    People did Marble today- maybe they have an opinion, I would think still doable but boney.

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    Sarah Watson

    Thank you, Chuck!!  I appreciate all of your information and advice!!


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